Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mika & Maya Play Centre

I always try to find something different to "cheer" my bunnies up.

Read and gathered the info from books, www, friends, pet shops, own experience; Realized that there are not much of entertainment for bunnies.

Well, bunnies don't play like a puppy does. They can't play fetch, oh may be they can? You can't walk a bunny like you walk your dog.

I've tried this on Mika, but what "she" did was just standing there nervously. Poor thing Mika. My walking-bunny-plan failed.

So, to entertain your bunnies, you'll need to be close with them first.

Lie down and watch their every move. Study them. Dig out their secrets - the dirty ones. *evil laugh

I used the method called "throw-and-test". Well, it is as simple as throwing something infront of them, and test their responses.

I found out Mika doesn't like blankets....Well, this is "her" little dirty secret. When "she" lays on the floor lazily, i will start to "cheer her up".

Purposely place the blanket/towel infront of "her". "She" just couldn't resist and will start to push and drag away the blanket.

That's so adorable.

Yep, i's sounds like entertaining me more, but I just enjoy watching how she pushes it away.
What a sweet pie~~

And about Maya's little dirty secret. She won't approach you unless she senses food on you. Well, I used to feed them a bit of yogurt as a treat.

Purposely put her behind the fences, put my hand out of her cage until she couldn't reach me, and she will run around the fences crazily and try to get out, or even try to lick my fingers.

It's also quite entertaining to me while looking at how she runs around. Of course, after that, she was able to get her treat at last.

Well, i's sounds like entertaining me more again. Here'e the video taken during her carrot time. See how aggressive she was


But who knows, Perhaps Mika and Maya are also enjoy the game that i designed based on their preferences?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I can explain further......

I can explain more on how HOT-and-NAUGHTY Maya is.......

Case #1

One day, we found out that our internet connection was dropped, we tried to fix and it seems that it was helpless. Until the next day, we checked and realized that Maya was actually working on her new piece of art - attacking our cables ! That's good Maya, until now, 3 cables had been replaced.

Case #2

Maya sometimes is very aggressive, or shall i say violent? That's a bit upsetting. They had a bit of a fight one day, for the first time, and I have to pay a visit to the vet for cleaning the fight wound for Mika. Poor thing Mika....

Applied Germacid cream and took antibiotic for one week, but luckily "she" likes the taste of the antibiotic, it smells like some oranges, I never taste it though *wink

Case #3

And guess what ! Maya is a super jumper. Compared to Mika, she is very smart and creative. She will figure out any possible way of getting herself out of the fences - eager for freedom~

The tricky part is - you'll have to be smart and creative like her to get any possible way of getting her little butt to stay back inside the fences.

Normally, I will use her favorite food to tempt her.


I know she just couldn't resist the scenes of the food. Aha, but she will try to escape again if not being attended well inside....

Case #4

Since she can jump out through the fences, what do you think the challenge for her to jump up on my bed? She's quite cunning, will only sneak in our bedroom when we were not around, or when we're sleeping.....

Her favourite exercise was running and sniffing in our bedroom, dropped some poops, then leave...Good work Maya!

Case #5
Maya has created a lot of troubles for us, and yet we're still in love with her. So we bought a cat house for her, thought she will have her own sweet private time inside, it seems like quite a fun thought.

But - wait a minute, see how she destroyed her own house....What a real destroyer!

The fabric of the house had been bitten and cruely torned apart. She then pulled out the sponge all over the floor to enjoy her "sponge-party" (acting like humans enjoying their feather party, what a cool brilliant idea Maya!)

Look at the "not-yet-been-destroyed" side.

And it became like that, poor little house, cannot get to serve Maya for long and now even can barely stand up straight...

Case #6

We were planning for a trip and will not be back for a few days. No one can babysit my bunnies. So, big girls don't cry, you'll have to take care of yourselves. We prepared some extra food and water for them. Used the little food tray which comes with two hooks allowing you to hang aside the fences. Looks like Maya wasn't interested with the food inside, but she is more interested on the food tray itself. Check out what she did to the tray.

We also took the used ice-cream hard plastic case to put some extra water for her, just in case you know...But looks like Maya really is into the plastic thing, she can't get over but must bite them.

Well, we learned from experience, will bunny-proof the house for them in the future, and keep all the plastic stuffs out of Maya's sights....Hope Maya is okay after tasted those different kind of plastic. However, the litter tray is made of PLASTIC, oh no, how should i get rid of it? Someday she might found out that the "ladies" that she used to go actually is editable , wakaka..don't make me laugh at you someday Maya

Case #7
-Bunny war-
Bunny is a very quiet creature. Eating quietly, sleeping quietly, hopping quietly, yes, occasionally will push the food bowl, kick the fences, pull the litter tray, just try to make some noise to get attention, but yet, it's an acceptable noise.

However, I found myself couldn't stand Maya's shouts.

Whenever I tried to hug her, she will shout out loud like crying for her own life. It's piercing my ears. Screaming and escaping like I want to barbecue her.....

--Part I . The End--
--To be cont --

Intro, Part II


---When I first saw her, I just couldn’t resist, and couldn't wait any longer to get this cute little thing go home with me! So ended up, this little Maya got me busy spending my whole day to set up a home for her. Got everything done within one day. Cage, food bowl, pellets, hay, some toys, etc. ---

That's how our story got started, and guess what, now she is no longer a teeny-weeny cute little thing, but turned into a HOT-and-NAUGHTY fat lazy butt. Haha.

Share the picture here, then you shall get it. =)

*Now, she doesn't quite trust the thing called "human-hugs". *

Too bad, but then i am still in love with her. =)

Thursday, January 29, 2009



--- When i first met "her", "she" was the most active among all the others Bunnies. Skipping towards me and convinced me that "she" is the one i am suppose to have. Like kind of promoting "herself". ---

That's how our story got started